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Provider Eligibility Verification (no login required).

Add us to the Payer list in your Practice Management software. Use Payer ID AESSI to submit eligibility, benefit, and claim status inquiries. Use Payer ID 62118 to view claim payments and explanations of payments.

Don't have Practice Management software?
It's free to register and use our secure
Provider Website to check eligibility, claim status, explanations of payments, and more.

Submit electronic claims to Medicare for all Medicare covered services. There's nothing else you need to do!
After processing the primary liability, Medicare sends us all appropriate secondary claims. You will automatically receive the EOB and a check. For faster payment, enroll in EFT and ERA.


Reference Guides:

Claim Submission Guide
This guide explains the claim submission process.

EFT and ERA Enrollment Guide
This guide contains enrollment information and
explains the benefits of EFT and ERA.

Call Center Directory
This directory contains call center numbers for providers to get more information on eligibility or
claim status.

Companion Guides:

These guides contain detailed information about
real time transactions.

Aetna SSI EDI 270-271 Companion guide

Aetna SSI EDI 276-277 Companion guide
Aetna SSI EDI 835 Companion guide

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